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More than just an app – it's a delightful interactive platform that effortlessly connects parents and caretakers, creating a seamless and joyful experience. By fostering a strong and supportive partnership, Toddle plays a vital role in the upbringing of your precious little ones, ensuring they receive the utmost care and attention they deserve.


Visual design, branding, UX research  


6 weeks

Solution Preview

Research & Ideation

Project Kickoff - In order to understand the challenges and constraints experienced by daycare owners, my first step was to conduct research on several platforms, such as BrightWheel, Baby Connect, and Glow Baby, to explore the features they offer in a baby tracking app.

Glow Baby

- Variety of features such as (feeding, nap, diaper)
- Daily Diary
- Health Timeline


- Social feed for parent’s community
- Daily log 



- Live chats between parent and caretaker

- Calendar updates

- Attendance

Next, I interviewed five daycare owners/caretakers to discuss the various challenges they encounter while communicating with parents on a daily basis. During these user interviews, I explored their pain points and gathered valuable insights.

"I keep forgetting to update the bottle time!"

"Did Ashton have a poopy diaper at 3PM or 4PM?

I compiled my findings into an affinity map, enabling me to refine the features I potentially want to add to Toddle. Additionally, I gained a clear understanding of the pain points caretakers were facing and identified ways to enhance the user experience for them.

Toddle Affinity Map.png

“I need an app to organize the different babies so I don’t get their bottle times mixed up”

“I like the idea of using a baby tracker so parents know what their baby is doing”

"I find it frustrating when I have to switch apps to communicate with parents”

Refined Problem + Solution Statement


The current user experience for daycare tracker lacks intuitive navigation, clear information hierarchy, and a seamless flow, resulting in frustration and difficulty for parents in accessing vital information about their children's activities and communicating with daycare staff.


Introducing Toddle, a mobile app designed for daycare management. It offers direct chat, attendance tracking, and behavior analysis features. With Toddle, daycare owners can easily communicate with parents, track attendance, and monitor behavior. This improves the user experience for daycare owners and parents. The app simplifies daycare management, allowing owners to track children's activities and stay connected with parents effortlessly.

Visual Design

sketches + wireframes

Some happy user flows

The first user flow focuses on the sign-up and attendance management process. The flow enables caretakers to seamlessly create an account and easily access attendance-related features.

The second user flow revolves around facilitating communication with parents and providing a smooth exit experience. Within the application, a messaging feature was implemented to allow users to send messages to parents/guardians.

To provide a visual representation of the user interface for Toddle, I created a series of sketched frames. These frames effectively depict the placement and arrangement of various features within the application.

Toddle Sketch 1.png

In order to generate a wide range of design ideas and maximize the incorporation of all relevant features, I conducted multiple rounds of design studio sessions independently. Through this iterative process, I explored various design possibilities and leveraged the full potential of the app's features.

Sign up + Register  Screen -

This is the initial screen for first-time users of Toddle, this screen serves as a welcoming entry point, guiding them through the registration process. Once the registration is completed, subsequent screens will prompt users to provide detailed information about each child. This includes personal information, family address, emergency contacts, and any relevant health conditions.

Calendar - attendance + appointments feature

The calendar feature will track attendance and appointments, capturing every student's activity and presence. Additionally, it provides a monthly calendar for convenient scheduling and planning.

Each event or activity will be highlighted in a distinct color, making it incredibly convenient to navigate through the calendar. This color-coded system allows for effortless browsing, as users can quickly identify and differentiate between different events and activities at a glance.


Reminders - 

The reminder feature is designed to efficiently track bill payments, daycare inventories, restocks, and more. This feature was conceived as a last-minute idea when I realized that there was no existing solution to assist caretakers in reminding both parents and themselves about essential daily needs.

Toddle Add reminder.png

Direct Messages - 

In addition, I have integrated a direct messages feature to facilitate communication between caretakers and parents. This feature holds significant importance for Toddle as it consolidates all chat history in a single location, allowing both parents and caretakers to communicate conveniently within one app, eliminating the need to switch back and forth between different platforms.

A test on Toddle...

I had the chance to showcase the prototype to Yihan and assigned her a user task to complete. Thankfully all of her responses were incredibly positive and immensely helpful. Yihan's positive and constructive feedback played a pivotal role in ensuring that the final product is user-friendly and effective.

She enjoyed:

- Color + Aesthetic (a very clean simple layout)

- Reminder feature to help keep the caretakers on track 

- Easy to navigate, not confusing at all

- Direct message for easy communication between parents and caretakers


She wants more of:

- Child profile page

- Daycare profile page 

- Sharing feature for all events and activity


Colors + Typography

The branding of Toddle embraces simplicity and tranquility. The primary color of the app is a soothing baby blue, chosen specifically for its gentle and relaxing nature. To complement this primary color, I selected a range of pastel and soft colors throughout the app, creating a serene ambiance. The combination of these colors contributes to a quiet and calming atmosphere. 

TODDLEComponent, Color, Style Guide.png

the final design



Sign up



Daily log

Daycare profile




Toddle profile

clickable prototype


Embrace the Journey

This project provided me with a valuable opportunity to develop my skills in creating an intuitive and user-friendly product. Being my first solo project, I was solely responsible for planning and executing every step of the process. Initially, this presented a significant challenge as I felt overwhelmed with the multitude of tasks that needed to be accomplished simultaneously.

To overcome this challenge, I learned the importance of effective time management and prioritization. I devised a detailed project plan, breaking down the tasks into smaller, manageable chunks, and set realistic deadlines for each stage. This helped me maintain focus and tackle one task at a time, reducing the feeling of being overwhelmed.

Where Love and Care Blossom! 
This project holds a special place in my heart as it is dedicated to my mom and grandma. Growing up in a bustling household filled with kids, I witnessed their unwavering dedication and years of hard work in building their daycare business. 

Motivated by their commitment and the joy they brought to the children's lives, I embarked on this project to design an improved experience for all daycare owners. I wanted to leverage technology and UX principles to enhance the efficiency and organization for them and the children. By creating an interactive tracker app, I aimed to streamline their daily tasks, facilitate seamless communication, and provide valuable insights for better decision-making.

Tingting's Daycare

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